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GOD The Meaning In The Word
Part 1: The Meaning In The Word GOD
Part 2: GOD IS
Part 3: The CREATOR And The Creation
Part 4: Power, Authority And Rights
Part 5: The Concept Of Ownership
Part 6: Freedom And Bondage
Part 7: Unity And Division

GOD The Meanings In The Word

In the very first verse of Christian Bible the word translated as the English word ‘GOD’ was the Hebrew word ‘’elohiym’. This was in the first chapter of the first book Genesis, in verse 1:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

1. In the beginning: [re’shiyth H7225]
2. GOD: [’elohiym H430]
3. Created: [bara’ H1254]
4. The heavens: [shamayim H8064], and the earth: [’erets H776].
(Please refer to the post ‘In The Beginning’ for the discussion of the conceptual meanings of the words in this verse and for the contextual focus of this verse).

The very first instance in the Scripture of Truth of the word translated into the English word ‘GOD’ was the Hebrew word ‘'elohiym’. In Genesis chapter 2 verse 4 the word of the original text ‘Yĕhovah’ was translated as ‘LORD’and was used together with the word ‘’elohiym’ translated as ‘GOD’ to give the phrase ‘LORD GOD’ in the KJV.

This is the history of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens,

1. History [towlĕdah H8435] – rendered as ‘generations’ in the KJVcarries the conceptual meaning of an account usually relating to chronology of birth and also by extension of formation, historical chronology of birth or formation, genealogies, etc.
2. LORD [Yĕhovah H3068] – rendered as a meaningless ‘Jehovah’ in the YLT, KJV; carries the combined meaning of pre-existing and permanence.
3. GOD [’elohiym H430] – also rendered as ‘Gods’, ‘goddess’, ‘ judge’, ‘angel’, ‘great’, ‘mighty’ or ‘exceeding’ in the KJV; carries the primary concept of power itself or having power or of being powerful, the context of this is in the ability to do things or to cause, affect and effect things, and to act especially in a determined manner.
4. Day [yowm H3117] – mostly rendered as ‘day’ in the KJV; carries the meaning as a unit measurement of lapsed time or of a period of time passage or of time as a quantum/quantifiable unit.
5. Made [`asah H6213] – mostly rendered as ‘do’ and ‘make’ in the KJV; carries the meaning of the ability to be able to cause or to have an effect;  do or fashion or cause to become, create or make.

Several words in the Hebrew text were translated into two English word ‘GOD’ and ‘LORD’ to refer to the GOD of the Christian Scriptures. Below is a list of these words that were either translated as the English word ‘GOD’ or ‘god’, or as ‘LORD’ as well as other words that were used to address or denote the GOD of the Scripture or Truth in one way or another. Some of these words were also used to denote or refer to other subjects and objects.

GOD [’elohiym H430]
According to Strong’s Concordance the word ‘’elohiym’ corresponds to Strong’s Number H430 which occurs 2606 times in the Old Testament records of the KJV. Most of these were rendered as ‘God’ and in several instances as ‘gods’ or ‘god’ (referring not to the CREATOR but other deities). In a few instances the word ‘’elohiym’ were translated as other words always erroneously, inaccurately or inappropriately. In nearly all these instances the word ‘power’ or ‘powerful’ would adequately suffice as an accurate translation without resorting to an interpretation (translating a word according to the reasoning of the translators). While some translations such as the YLT tried to do this but not faithfully (i.e. not having a simple believing faith). The singular form of ‘'elohiym’ according to Strong's Concordance is ‘'elowahh’ [H433] which is probably a prolong form of the Hebrew ‘'el’ [H410], and was also translated as ‘GOD’ in the Christian Bible. The concept in these words (‘'elowahh’ [H433] and the shortened form ‘'el’ [H410]) is of power, with the primary context that of power to do, to act or have an effect on all manner of things. By extension the word connotes authority by virtue of power wielded or vested whether of authority to command, to rule, to judge or the power of authority to have an action carried out or executed.

GOD ['el H410]
According to Strong's Concordance ‘'el’ has a shortened form in the Hebrew ‘'ayil’ [H352], and is also translated as ‘GOD’ as well as ‘god’ and other related words in the Christian Bible. The concept in the word ‘'el’ carried a very similar meaning to the word ‘'elohiym’ centering on power, strength and might. The concept in the original text ‘'ayil’ [H352] carried a significant symbolic message or meaning and will be discussed in a future post.

GOD ['elowahh H433]
Translated as ‘GOD’ as well as ‘god’ in the KJV. According to Strong's it is probably a prolong emphatic form of ‘'el’.

GOD ['elahh H426]
Translated as ‘GOD’ as well as ‘god’ in the KJV and according to Strong's corresponds to 'elowahh.

GOD [Yĕhovah H3068]
The word of the original text ‘Yĕhovah’ was erroneously rendered by the translators as either ‘LORD’ or ‘GOD’ as they tried to keep in accord with the practice of the Jews (after their Babylonian captivity) of not pronouncing Yĕhovah but pronounced it as ‘'Adonay’ instead. Those self glorying, self glorifying, self righteous ego gorging Jews blatantly pretended to hold GOD to extreme super mega reverence, teaching that the word ‘Yĕhovah’ which is a specific name (meaning one of the numerous defining attributive names) of the CREATOR was too sacred to be pronounced. Even as they pretended that they hold GOD to such extreme ultra mega reverence, they arrogantly designed and invented ways to break HIS commandments and their Covenant with HIM, adding and removing (thus effectively changing it to become their own twisted and perverted versions) almost everything important that HE commanded them as they see fit, implicitly considering and showing themselves off as to be far greater, much more righteous and holier than the GOD they pretended to in extreme mega reverence worship. The only reason anyone would change (i.e. adding to andor removing from) anything is because they considered these things either as not good enough (for them) andor faulty (i.e. flawed). The only reason anyone would change anything GOD commanded, instituted andor ordained is because they want to show off to all (i.e. proclaimed and declared themselves) that they are superior to GOD and supreme over GOD, therefore they have the power and authority to correct GOD and to over ruled GOD thus to invalidate and nullify GOD.

The original text ‘Yĕhovah’ was also rendered into ‘JEHOVAH’ (4 times in the KJV) as a specific name of the CREATOR GOD. These (rendering of the original word ‘Yĕhovah’ as LORD or GOD or JEHOVAH by the Christian Bible translators were ‘intentional’ errors of deceitfully misrepresenting the word of the original text.

Firstly, the original text ‘Yĕhovah’ does not carry the meaning of Lord or Master (from the context of one's owner, master or sovereign) in the sense that the word from original text 'Adonay most commonly rendered as the word LORD or Lord does. And secondly, neither does the word of the original text ‘Yĕhovah’ carry the meaning of ‘power’ as do the words of the original texts ’elohiym, el, 'elowahh or 'elahh commonly translated as GOD.

By so doing, both the Jews and the Christian Bible translators had effectively wiped out and hidden the conceptual meaning of the word ‘Yĕhovahto make it incomprehensible to those who only read and study the translated Christian Bible so that none among them will be able to understand the conceptual meaning that the word carried in the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures. If you have the eyes to see it, this act was a master stroke of the Evil Adversary and was second only to the convening of the Council of Nicaea to outlawed on pain of torture and death anyone who would fully obey and perform the Ten Commandments and who would faithfully obey JESUS CHRIST to keep and honor the the New Covenant Passover as a reminder of HIS death through which the penalty of sin on all mankind was fully paid.

To understand this all we need to do is look at the word translated into the English word ‘Almighty’ from the original text ‘Shadday [H7706]’. While this word is correctly translated into ‘Almighty’ because it carried that conceptual meaning, ‘Yĕhovah’ was instead rendered totally out of it conceptual meaning into something else altogether. Some translation had rendered the word as ‘Eternal’ which is definitely better. Correctly rendered ‘Yĕhovah’ should have been translated as ‘Eternal’, ‘Perpetual’, ‘Perpetuity’ or even as ‘Perpetually Existing’, ‘Always Existing’, ‘Forever Existing’ or ‘Eternally Existing’ which makes the meaning clearer to be understood from the perspective of the creation and the reality of the created existential realm.

However instead of using the word ‘Existing’ a better word would be ‘IS’ giving ‘Always/Forever/Eternally Is’ which best reflect the concept of over riding absoluteness of permanence. Likewise also instead of the word ‘Eternal’, the word ‘Perpetual’ or ‘Perpetuity’ is the better and more accurate term to reflect the concept of timelessness as a reference to GOD being timeless, not bounded by time or outside of the boundaries (i.e. confinement) of time. Whereas the word or term ‘Eternal’ carries the main concept or meaning of forever, and forever is a term that is relevant (i.e. has a meaning) only when the concept of time is involved.

Therefore in as much as translating ‘Yĕhovah’ into either the words ‘LORD’ or ‘GOD’ rendered the definitive name attributes of ‘perpetuity, eternity and permanence’ to become indiscernible and not understood, so also the same is done when translating ‘Yĕhovah’ into the word ‘Jehovah’. Additionally replacing the letter ‘Y’ with the letter ‘J’ is totally inconsistent and contradicts the Old Testament text translating it into a totally meaningless and out of place Greek ‘Jehovah’. There is indeed no plausible reason to do something like this except out of an evil willful intent to subvert the word ‘Yĕhovah’ so that its meaning is not reflected and not communicated.

It is also not accurate aside from being inappropriate, to use the word ‘Existing’ or ‘Existing One’ to reference the SUPREME PERPETUAL POWER and CREATOR because to exist or to not exist is a limited concept of the created realm, therefore to exist or not exist is contextual and relative in the absolute sense thus cannot be use to accurately convey and describe the concept of the absolute reality of GOD for WHOM there is no operational expression of not existing. There is no possible context of GOD not existing (from all the perspective and context of reality) so to use the word ‘Exist’ as a name for or as a reference to GOD will result in ambiguity rather than clarity.

GOD [Yĕhovih H3069]
Translated once in the KJV as ‘LORD’ and 304 times as ‘GOD’, this word ‘Yĕhovih’ is erroneously translated in every single instance in the KJV. According to Strong’s Concordance the word ‘Yĕhovih [H3069]’ is a variation of ‘Yĕhovah [H3068]’ and scripted by the Jews to avoid a repetitive pronunciation of ‘'Adonay’ when the words ‘Yĕhovah’ and ‘'Adonay’ appeared together in the Scripture. The Jews of the post Babylonian captivity period considered the name of ‘Yĕhovah’ too sacred to be spoken so they pronounced it as ‘'Adonay’ instead. While ‘Yĕhovih’ was substituted for ‘Yĕhovah’ and pronounced as ‘’elohiym’ to avoid repeating ‘'Adonay’ where the Scripture originally recorded ‘Yĕhovah 'Adonay’ (meaning Perpetual Lord/Master or Eternal Lord/Master). See elaboration in GOD [Yĕhovah H3069].

GOD [Yahh H3050] is a contraction of ‘Yĕhovah [H3068] and carried the same conceptual meaning.

GOD ['Adonay H136]
Commonly rendered correctly as ‘Lord’ to address or refer to GOD, as it carried the conceptual meaning of master (i.e. from the perspective of servants) or owner (from the perspective of slavery), ruler or ruling authority (whether of a superior, employer, commander, judge, governor and includes the man as husband and father of the family unit) or one's sovereign (i.e. the ultimate authority in a governing system). The word is the respectful address form to accord proper reverence and honor on the one who wield authority or power to rule whether, of over a household or family, or of cities or countries or any organized group of people or of all creation.

ROCK [tsuwr H6697]
Translated mostly as ‘ROCK’ to denote GOD as a symbolic reference (i.e. a figure of speech) or a plain rock, but also twice translated as ‘GOD’ (though not literally accurate but a contextually and conceptually acceptable interpretation as its use to denote GOD) as a symbolic type (or contextual) reference to the attribute (property) of strength, being solid and formidable in the KJV.

ALMIGHTY [Shadday H7706]
The concept in the word is of exceeding (as a superlative) might or strength to denote supremely and totally powerful. The word is often used as a suffix or prefix adjective to the word 'el (that is GOD or POWER). The word ‘might’ or ‘strength’ depending on the context of use carries a slightly different conceptual meaning from the word ‘power’. Power carries the main and base meaning of functional ability or capability whereas the words ‘might’ and ‘strength’ focus on a heightened or elevated state of this ability with the connotation on: over andor against opposition or resistance.

I AM WHO I AM [hayah H1961]
The word ‘AM’ in that declarative statement type phrase carries the same meaning as other forms of the verb-to-be. That declaration basically is just a statement of truth of GOD being absolutely all encompassing, as the absoluteness and FIRST CAUSE of everything, stressing on GOD's perpetuity, omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience.

ONE ['echad H259]
The number one aside from its numeric mathematically value also carries the conceptual meaning of gathering together as one, or to unite or be united as one (Colossians 1:17; 1 Corinthian 6:17). Referred (in Zechariah 14:9) to as one of the identifying names of GOD, ONE carries the symbolic (figurative) meaning of over riding absoluteness (i.e, Omnipotent, Omnipresence, Omniscience) in all the words when used as a reference to GOD. For the full discussion of this concept of over riding absoluteness please read the chapter ‘GOD IS’ of ‘Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded’ of and from which this seven installments discussion on GOD is a reworked version.

FATHER ['ab H1]
The word ‘Father’ carried the primary conceptual meaning of one who is the source or the ONE from which all else (within the defining context) proceed or become or come into existence. This is not too different in modern English usage (and also in some other modern languages) as the metaphorical expression for one who originates or the first from whom others follow.

From this primary concept then are generated other meanings from: genealogical father; genealogical ancestor; someone whom one follows or obeys as in a discipleship or internship or as a protégé; or the leader of a group of whatever discipline, beliefs or agenda.

A man fathering his children through his wife is a Type of the begetting process by which the Elect of GOD during this current six thousand years Age of Man becomes the Children of GOD (Offspring of the FATHER, and Brethren to LORD JESUS), when on repentance and baptism the HOLY SPIRIT is given, implanted in and joined to the human Spirit of the responding person. In the human conception where the male sperm of the man infusing with and into his wife's eggs is a symbolic Type expression of the process by which repentant mankind in sincere believing faith and obedience becomes an Offspring of GOD in embryo. The full birth occurring for those of these Elect who remain faithful and obedient, will take place at the time of the Second Advent at the appearing of LORD JESUS when all the dead in CHRIST and all those still alive will be resurrected as HOLY SPIRIT born Spirit Personage, (1 Thessalonians 4:15 – 17) as the Children in and of the PERSONAL FAMILY of ALMIGHTY GOD, the SOVEREIGN CREATOR and POWER. The entire concept of marriage (as a GOD ordained institutional covenant for mankind) and producing children by the man and his wife (or wives) is a Type of GOD producing HIS PERSONAL Family from man (includes woman) made in HIS image and likeness.

MAKER [`asah H6213]
The word translated as ‘Maker’ from the Hebrew text ‘`asah’ [H6213] carried the primary conceptual meaning of doing, fashioning, making, creating, setting, establishing and causing. By extension the word was also used to denote the one who does these things. When used in that context as a reference to GOD it therefore carried the meaning as of the ABSOLUTE PRIMARY CREATOR or MAKER of all things and therefore also the CREATOR OWNER (Genesis 1:1, 2:4; Psalm 89:11, 102:25; Nehemiah 9:6; Jeremiah 10:16, 51:19; Isaiah 42:5, 51:13; Proverbs 22:2).

GOD [theos G2316]

In Strong’s Concordance the word ‘GOD’ [theos] correspond to Strong’s Number G2316 and occurs 1343 times in the New Testament records of the KJV.

In John 1 verse 1 it was recorded:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:1
(For the more complete discussion of this verse please refer to the post ‘In The Beginning Was The WORD’ in this blog.)

1. beginning  [archē G746 rendered mostly as ‘beginning’ in the KJV of the New Testament records and carried the meaning of start/starting or begin/beginning or origin/originating. 
2. Word [logos G3056 rendered most commonly as Word’ in the KJV. The conceptual meaning is mainly of communication, communicating and messages (i.e. the information that is communicated) in various forms and manner not just verbose or verbal or as written words. Also used as an extension of communication in other expression forms such as to effect, to affect or to cause or as representations or expressions of the communication avenue or of a communicator. Use also as a symbolic representation (i.e. figure of speech: John 1:14) of the LORD GOD (i.e. PERPETUAL POWER) as the spokesman (Greek LOGOS, literally WORD), or as the COMMUNICATOR or avenue of communication in the personage of JESUS CHRIST both before (as the LORD GOD of the Old Testament period) as well as from when HE was born as a SON of man (as JESUS CHRIST of the testimonies of the four Gospel accounts) and from then henceforth (as the LORD of Lords and KING of Kings).
3. God [theos G2316] – rendered as GOD, this was/is the Greek word referencing deities and commonly used in such context. The word do not appear to have any known comprehensible conceptual meaning other than as a word to reference gods and deities by the Greek not too different from the English word God used today to denote a supreme or a paranormal Being whether as the supreme creator or as other extremely extra-normally powerful, except that the English word God may be taken to be a contraction of the word good to denote God as the definitive of good. Of course in common usage today the English word god carried numerous other meanings which are not necessarily associated with having real personal meta-physical power.

According to Strong’s Concordance the word ‘LORD’ corresponding to Strong’s Number G2962 occurs 748 times in Greek Concordance of the New Testament records of the KJV.

LORD [kyrios G2962]
1. Owner or master as of one to which things, authority, power andor people belongs such as of being the sovereign or owner.
2. One holding power to rule and to command by virtual of being the owner, sovereign, designated authority or employer.
3. The title or address form to accord proper reverence and honor on the one who wield authority or power to rule whether of over: a household or family; cities or countries; any organized group of people under one or more authorities; or of all creation.

FATHER [patēr G3962]
The word ‘Father’ in the Greek text carried a mostly identical meaning to that of the Hebrew text 'ab’.

As should be obvious the many words of the original text translated into the English words ‘GOD’ and ‘LORD’ and even ‘JEHOVAH’ in the Old Testament records of the KJV, were all in error so that the conceptually meaning of the words rendered into the English words to denote the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures became totally lost to those who do not refer back to the original text to seek out the truth that the Christmas religions (and also all the other anti GOD religions) actively and deceitfully worked to hide so that all those who embraced these religions will be stupidly and arrogantly blaspheming GOD while they deceitfully pretended to praise HIM.

The words rendered as GOD in the KJV if we were to correctly reflect their conceptual meaning in the original Old Testament text should be rendered as ‘POWER’ for every instance of the original text ‘’elohiym’ (and with all the related words such as 'el, 'elowahh and 'elahh) and rendered ‘LORD’ or ‘MASTER’ or even ‘SOVEREIGN’ for the original text ‘Adonay’. Whereas the word rendered as ‘LORD’ from either ‘Yĕhovah’ or ‘Yĕhovih’ which were combined with either the word ‘’elohiym’ or ‘’Adonay’ to form the compound address ‘LORD GOD’ in the KJV should be rendered as ‘PERPETUAL POWER’ or ‘PERPETUAL MASTER/SOVEREIGN’ respectively. When the words of the original text were rendered as the single word LORD’ or as JEHOVAH’ (from the original text Yĕhovah) in the KJV these should be rendered as ‘PERPETUITY or ETERNAL’.

Of course instead of Perpetual or Perpetuity or Eternal we would also not be technically wrong to rendered Yĕhovah’ or ‘Yĕhovih’ as ALWAYS EXISTING or FOREVER EXISTING or PERPETUALLY EXISTING. All these words and also several other words that the GOD of the Christian Scriptures had HIS scribes, Prophets and Apostles recorded are to give us an understanding of GOD through HIS definitive attributes as the absolute default of pre-existence, permanence, power (to do, to act, to carry out, to establish and to make), strength (to overcome, to defeat, to thwart and to stop), creator (maker and owner), word (definer), originator (source), steadfastness (unwavering, undauntedly), righteousness (just, fair and good) and faithfulness (trustworthiness and dependability) which are concepts evident in and relevant to our own lives in our perceivable existential realm.

So instead of getting ourselves all puffed up and tripping over words and languages which basically are tools for communicating information (i.e. as the expressions of knowledge encapsulation) in our messages, thoughts, emotions and ideas, we should focus on what really matters. Whereas all these evil lust driven “proclaimed and acclaimed” leading experts, defining authorities and masters; elijah-to-come, messiahs or THE messiahs; prophets, THE prophets, THE final prophets or THE greatest of the greatest prophets; reincarnate, actual or final christs; reverent fathers and holy popes; reincarnate, the actual or really real true gods; or whatever else ultra mega super glorious glorifying titles they can imagine and invent to heap upon themselves in their ego supergorging frenzies (hereafter referred as ‘proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives’), limited the unlimited and the cannot be limited CREATOR of all things to a specific language or a specific name or a limited number in order that they may beguile and as predators and parasites feed on and feed off the ignorant, the simple and the foolish who followed after them to completely believe, obey and serve (i.e. to worship) these ego mega supergorging proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives.

And if you think you can believe this author, using the words GOD or LORD GOD or HOLY FATHER (the latter term only for those of us who have entered into the Everlasting Covenant with the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures through the ordained, instituted and commanded process) especially when enlightened with the correct knowledge and understanding to reference andor address the SUPREME PRINCIPAL POWER and CREATOR of all things in our worship, is as good as using any of the literal translation (i.e. transliteration) from the original text. What matter most is that we accord the proper respectful reverence, true sincere affection (i.e. the actual expression of love and not just that of harboring and vocalizing an emotion) with humble rightful fear and contriteness, without a wicked deceitful agenda, seeking fully that we should effectively love the ONE who made us all and love us unreservedly to want us as HIS beloved children forever. For the CREATOR GOD of all things looks not on forms of arrogant pretentious super mega reverence and feint stirred-up emotional shouting of praises and zeal but on the substance that matters. And these are the right attitude of humility, contriteness, a faithful diligent zeal to truthfully and genuinely obey and love the CREATOR, seeking in unwavering commitment to first and above all else sincerely do the will of the FATHER following after the examples set and taught by LORD JESUS CHRIST. There is no truer and more acceptable worship than to diligently, steadfastly, without–wavering be fully, absolutely committed to seek to do good in all our conduct and to totally shun all evil, that we may truly love one another and unreservedly love the ONE who created us. For this is the love that fulfill the Royal Laws and Holy Commandments of Love as the Scripture of Truth have consistently testified to, recorded by the Holy Prophets, Scribes, Apostles and the faithful true servants of GOD.

And as it was (and still is) commanded by the SON of GOD to all who love HIM, just as HE had also kept HIS FATHER's commandments to stay in HIS FATHER's love:

If you love Me, keep My commandments.
John 14:15

If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.
John 15:10

Whereas the evil Christmas religions (and also every evil anti-GOD religion) had been and are still commanding through all their evil doctrines, that everyone should and must break the very commandments of GOD kept even by the only begotten of the FATHER. These they do by claiming themselves as these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, so they can abolish, alter, change by removing and adding to all the things commanded by the unchanging GOD, because implicitly they are explicitly showing off (i.e. proclaiming themselves) to all in all they do that they are far greater than and far supreme over the CREATOR GOD. These they do so that they can (whenever they can command the support from the members of their social order to get their derived power to) abuse, rob, torture, rape and murder all they want with impunity in the human social order as have been clearly and fully recorded ever since in both their own (i.e. their religions') historical records as well as that by secular historians.
Please read the chapter 'Grace, Sin And The Commandments Of GOD', to fully understand why GOD will never ever compromise with sins in the breaking of HIS laws and commandments, and why JESUS, the ONE through whom and for whom, GOD created all things (Colossians 1:16), had to suffered and be killed in order that all mankind may be redeemed from the death penalty that we are all under.
The SON of GOD on the other had delivered HIMSELF into the hands of these evil doers to be abused and murdered by them. This HE did because GOD will never ever compromise with the breaking of HIS Royal Law and Holy Commandments of Love. The penalty for (the felonious crime of) breaking the Royal Law and Holy Commandments of GOD is death to every law breaker or transgressors (i.e. sinners). So the only righteous way for us to be redeemed from the death penalty which we have all incurred because of our wickedness and evil ways, our CREATOR, the LORD GOD of the Old Testament period, the SON of GOD (who created and owned us and all things), had delivered HIMSELF into the hands of those who pretended to love and reverence GOD, to be abused and murdered that in and through HIS death as our absolute CREATOR and OWNER HE may pay the required penalty, which we all have incurred, on our behalf dying in our stead. Through this HE took our place bearing the penalty that condemned us as transgressors that we may have our criminal records for breaking GOD'S Royal Laws and Holy Commandments of Love be fully paid, that we may be given a second chance to receive the immortality that have been GOD's intention for us when HE created us in HIS image and likeness.
Please read the post The Tree Of Life for the discussion on why there was a Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, to fully understand that GOD did not forbid Adam and Eve from eating of the fruit of the Tree of Life which would have given them immortality. While every evil religion have been teaching the lie of the serpent, the tool used by Satan, that they already are immortal, that they have an immortal soul.
From all the above discussed names that were used for their conceptual meaning to reference the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures, it should be clear to any rationally sane person (as opposed to those who have been super feeding their egos, gorging themselves into irrational “sanity”), so that we should understand that if we really want to be ego gorging lust obsessed “rocket scientistsandorrule-based-hair-splittersthen the most ultra mega super duper supremely accurate and only way to address the Supreme Principal Power of the Christian Holy Scriptures, that is the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we should only and at all times exclusively be using the phrase ‘GREAT LORD and MASTER and MOST HOLY and MOST ALMIGHTY ETERNALLY and PERPETUALLY EXISTING SUPREME POWER and CREATOR and SUPREME RULER SOVEREIGN of and over all things’ and additionally we should never write this name down except after removing all the vowels. Further, if that is not ultra mega supremely super duper enough and we want to top that we should also never pronounce this name but use something else to represent it by praying every single time ‘MOST DIVINE, SACRED AND HOLY WHOSE NAME IS TOO DIVINE, SACRED AND HOLY THUS CANNOT BE UTTERED OR WRITTEN’ using no other language except the very totally completely unaltered and unadulterated original language of Abraham the Father of the Faithful, to address or pray to the ‘MOST DIVINE, SACRED AND HOLY WHOSE NAME IS TOO DIVINE, SACRED AND HOLY THUS CANNOT BE UTTERED OR WRITTEN’.

The utter insanity of these puffed up lust driven ego mega maniacs never fails to totally bewilder me how deep they are willing to sink down into the bottomless pit of ridiculousness and madness in order to advance themselves as the supreme enlightened intelligence and mega super holy, best of the best in the human social order. All these supposedly intelligent human being have become so totally blatantly and brazenly stupid as they strutted around thinking and holding themselves to show off to all and sundry that they are the most mega glorious, most supremely enlightened intelligence among the members of mankind. And the, from hundreds to billions of their fellow mankind who followed after them to revere, serve and worship them, all being even more blatantly stupid from the same ego gorging lust actually hold these evil ego supergorging inventors of perverted insanely evil religions, to be the ultra mega brilliant supremely enlightened supreme proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives they all claimed and proclaimed themselves to be

Praying To A GOD You Never Knew [knot]

If you are a person who fears GOD but have never ever really known the true GOD, not having entered into the Everlasting Covenant which GOD had ordained in the BLOOD of HIS SON, because you either have never believed or had believed in any of the numerous evil blasphemous anti-GOD so called Abrahamic religions (including all their numerous sprouted forth off shoots, large and small), the best way to start addressing GOD in your prayer to seek HIM (in order to seek a relationship with HIM in the Forever Covenant HE had instituted) is to address HIM in the NAME that HE had ordained forever for all who chose to call upon HIM. This GOD had stressed, knowing full well the propensity of mankind to pervert HIS truth as also this author had testified to in all his writings

Moreover God said to Moses, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel: ‘The Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations.’ Go and gather the elders of Israel together, and say to them, ‘The Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, appeared to me, saying, “I have surely visited you and seen what is done to you in Egypt;
Exodus 3:15 – 16

But beware of the insincerity and self deception which many who had seek GOD in self deceiving pretense throughout the centuries from very soon after the foundation of the Church of GOD on the Day of Pentecost in 30 C.E., until this very day. Anyone who having entered in the Everlasting Covenant and continued on in their pursuit of life seeking and sowing evil, there is only one fate and that is of forever death in the Lake of Gehenna Fire.

And for all those ego gorging rule-based hairsplitters, you can if you so wish substitute the word ‘LORD’ with either ‘ETERNAL’ (or ‘PERPETUAL’) or ‘Yĕhovah and the word ‘GOD’ with either ‘POWER’ or ‘’elohiym’ to address GOD for every instance of the words ‘LORD GOD’ either as ‘ETERNAL POWER’ or ‘Yĕhovah ’elohiym’. And if that is still no good enough to gorge your supremely greedy ego, then by all means go all the way to imagine and dream up with your everyall imaginations, greater and more supremely glorious ways and means to further elevate yourself image of great pompous pretend reverence so as to be supreme over everyone else and even than the GOD you greedily in ego supergorging lust pretended to believe in.

Special note to those who think they can believe this author:

Part of verse 15 was not accurately translated by the NKJV Bible translators, where they had translated as ‘this is My memorial to all generations’, a more accurate translation would read this is MY reminder to all generations’ or this is for all generations to keep in mind’ which would make the meaning clearer as the word memorial is more related to a commemoration. But never mind if you don't think this author can be believed or trusted.

Some Simple Things About Human Religions And Systems of Belief [sst]

One of the things that must be said of mankind is their unbelievable penchants to believe in all manners of preposterously ridiculous things. This is despite the fact that over and above all the other creatures on this planet, mankind has been endowed with a brilliantly perceptive analytic mind capable of understanding extremely complex concepts. If we were to examine all the things that mankind have believed in, starting from the furthest back we could trace human history, we would (or should anyway) probably also be able to more or less figure out how these beliefs came about to be the belief systems of almost all mankind. And to do that it would not be necessary for us to dig up all the information that our social order have collected from historical records and artifacts. All we need to do is examine all the contemporary things that are of the last fifty years that mankind have embraced and subscribed to. Of particular interest would be the religious system of beliefs, as these are easily the most ridiculous and also easiest to take a wild guess how they got invented, adopted and embraced by nearly the entirety of the human social order

While our supremely intelligent and brilliant men and women have studied, analyzed and examined to come up with answers to numerous extremely complex issues of the universe and life on earth including how human beings supposedly developed through the supremely ingeniously deduced process of natural selection through the mechanism of mutations and anomalies (i.e. the totally scientific process of errors, mistakes and things going horribly wrong) to become the supremely intelligent and dominant alpha species on this planet, the issue of why human beings who have been endowed with a brain that is incredibly intelligent would choose to believe in preposterously ridiculous things is not one of them. And that itself is an incredulously stupid thing. 

A thousand years ago such stupidity might be excusable, even a hundred years ago it would still be somewhat excusable. And some fifty or so years ago it might still to a certain limited extent be excusable, but not today. Today with the immense pool of knowledge that our incredibly brilliantly intelligent men and women have accumulated from their experiments, research and studies in all fields and manner of knowledge, it is indeed an incredulous thing that almost the entirety of mankind still would totally ignore realities, and facts and truths, to embrace and subscribe to all these ridiculous systems of belief and religions that are continually being invented rehashing doctrines from ancient religions, myths and superstitious, weaving into them contemporary knowledge from modern scientific research and hypothesis, then embellished them with mega sumptuous helpings of their lust and greed driven ego super feeding fantasies to come up with all manner of new age religions and beliefs

And if our minds have not become dull and virtually dead devoid of any semblance of intelligence from excessive greed and lusting in the super feeding of our egos, we would (or should anyway) be able to understand from what we have been witnessing and experiencing today, how new religions and system of beliefs are continually being invented by perverted evil men (includes women) to elevate themselves in arrogant brazen self delusion and seeking to be able to prey and feed off their incredibly stupid fellow men (includes women), of the exact same ways that the numerous ancient religions, many of which are still being embraced by the majority of mankind today were originally invented by similar people with the same agenda.

The few of us who still have retained much of our sanity through the exercise of self control and proper restraints, avoiding the insanity trap of greed and lust, to still know how to put two and two together’ we would (or should, anyway), be able to see the great disparity and wide chasm of disconnect between nearly every single religion and system of belief, in what they advance and teach in their doctrines and assertions, against the existential reality witnessed in the human social order and in the expression of life on earth.

Whereas the one true faith from the CREATOR of all things have left it in no doubt that humankind almost in totality has been in rebellion against the ONE who had created them and who only wanted what is good for them. This was almost from the very beginning, from the moment the very first human family chose to distrust, disbelieve to then disobey, and take what was explicitly forbidden by their CREATOR and BENEFACTOR, at the very first instance they were presented with an alternate consideration in the exercise of their free will and the intelligence of their independent minds. They instead choosing to totally trust and completely believe in, and completely believe a strange talking serpent for no reason other than because they lusted to. And if anyone has not been obsessively greedy and lustful they would have been able to see that it was not for the lack of anything good or desirable that prompted the first family to choose to distrust and to rob their MAKER and PROVIDER, but their greed and lust to want what they do not need so obsessively that they would disregard reality and choose insanity, opting and favoring deceit, ill will, bad faith and evil as a recourse of life rather than sincerity in faith, trust and mutual love that was the example set by their MAKER for them. And fully knowing this in advance, GOD had ordained through the process of this temporary existence where HE will for a period of time allow evil to flourish that the lessons of free will choices and responsibility should be fully learned and completely understood by all creature personages. To this end GOD will bring all mankind (and all Spirit Angels too) into the appointed final Judgment through which HE will totally and completely punish them to correct them that HE may remove evil from the entire creation forever.

And if anyone have not be obsessively greedy and lustful they would have been able to see that all the anti GOD religions have been all along pretending to revere and praise GOD with their mouth while blaspheming HIM in their doctrines of evil double speak and contradictions. These thought that by screaming pretentious praises and commanding insane super mega reverence of some words calmed as the only name that is able to truly know and address the CREATOR, while committing horrendous atrocities supposedly for HIS name sake, deluding themselves that they could then get away with all the evil they have been doing that feeds their unbridled lust and greed.

And if anyone have not be obsessively greedy and lustful they would have been able to see in the human social order from the earliest recorded history (and even before that) until this very day, in almost every facet of human activity, the same obsessive lust and greed have been sowing and perpetuating the evil that have seen horrendous suffering for both victims and perpetrators alike.

And if anyone among the Elect of GOD today have not also been obsessively greedy and lustful they would not have pretended in willful ignorance not to understand what the Holy Christian Scriptures recorded explicitly and plainly some two thousand and more years ago, of most of the Elect and Saints of GOD (both in the Church of GOD and outside of it) of the Last Days too becoming obsessively greedy and lustful pretending the same pretentious pretense of all the evil anti GOD religions to become complicit with all the evil anti GOD religions in order to advance themselves and in so doing have embraced lies and deceits to blaspheme GOD their FATHER and JESUS their LORD and BROTHER, and to pervert the truth preached and proclaimed in the Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD.

To this end GOD and JESUS CHRIST had warned them through the Prophets and Apostles of GOD:

For He is our God,
And we are the people of His pasture,
And the sheep of His hand.
Today, if you will hear His voice:
Do not harden your hearts, as in the rebellion,
As in the day of trial in the wilderness,
When your fathers tested Me;
They tried Me, though they saw My work.
For forty years I was grieved with that generation,
And said, ‘It is a people who go astray in their hearts,
And they do not know My ways.’
So I swore in My wrath,
‘They shall not enter My rest.’

Psalm 95:7 – 11 (also Hebrews 3:7 – 19; 4:7)

“For behold, the day is coming,
Burning like an oven,
And all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble.
And the day which is coming shall burn them up,”
Says the Lord of hosts,
“That will leave them neither root nor branch.

Malachi 4:1

One Of The Most Basic Reality Of Mankind and Our Existence [mbr]

More than seven billion strong and over flowing with knowledge of our realm and existence (i.e. life on earth and the physical universe), yet not a single one of our incredibly brilliant, supremely supreme, mega intelligent geniuses, the men and women, of science, education, leadership and all the fields of knowledge know much less understand the first (or the second) and the most basic truths about our existence, why we exist — what are the most basic basis of reality. They talk about a so called Singularity of Absolute Nothing, a Big Bang expansion and the Darwinian evolution of life by the natural selection of continuous mutations. But those are not answers, they are just mechanics and processes. They know we are conscious and self aware but they sure as hell (i.e. the grave/hades, meaning death awaits all human beings) don't know why. They talk about how the universe began from a so called singularity (whereas over fifty and more years ago, they had claimed that it was a dense ball of matter) of a quantum vacuum of Absolute Near Nothing or whatever; and then there was this so called Big Bang which today is not an explosion but an super mega fast expansion and tomorrow who knows what the Big Bang will become. Then there is evolution of life on earth which supposedly began in some primordial chemical soup or is it now some genetic material introduced by some asteroids then naturally selected by mutations?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

But the Holy Christian Scriptures, never one to go into deep profound things introduced us, mankind, with one word, GOD. No, not GOD as in the ETERNAL or the PERPETUITY or CREATOR but GOD as in POWER. The whole of our reality, our universe and life on earth is possible only because of two main things. And one is power or from the perspective of science, energy which allows for movement and the so-called primary forces which allows for the forms (structure), because science doesn't, refuses to, understand purpose and determination they are fixated on mechanics and processes. Without power nothing that we know about will exist or can exist — no particles of matter (bright, dark andor otherwise) or antimatter or spacetime (which science doesn't understand at all, they don't know what it is only that it is there) with their corresponding forces and fields, and no energy particles or waves, or whatever they may yet later choose to call it. Truth is science knows nothing at all about things that really matters (in the final analysis and equation) being insanely obsessed with temporary things. Without power nothing matters because without power there is only noting, absolute nothing. That of course is an absolute impossibility irrespective of reality whether momentary (temporary) or permanent. Whereas science or rather our mega brilliant scientist have been telling us lately that absolute nothing as the creator and originator of everything is not an impossibility but is the actual real reality, the absolute reality, the only really absolutely true real reality and basis of all reality.

Power (whether you want to call it energy andor force, or even something else) is one of two of the most basic element of reality, all realities. Power enables reality (from all perspective and context), and is the first (of two) fundamentals or causes of reality that allows for the existence of all things that exist that we know of. And that is simply what we all are, in a very limited (i.e. just from one context and perspective) sense, the power to act and to do things, and to cause an effect. But of course there is more, we are much more than just a cause and effect (something science both implicitly and explicitly claimed is all that we are).

Our physical universe is of power framed and directed by predefined rules and laws (please refer to the post ‘In The Beginning Was The WORD ’ for the discussion on the second cause of reality). Life is where the power moves from the framework of genetics definition towards the framework of mind determination. But our brilliant minds of science can only vaguely see the process mechanics - a Big Bang of Absolute Nothing and Darwinian evolution and the physics and mechanics that framed how they would behave and could exist as an aspect of our existential momentary reality in timeless perpetuity.

As freewill independent minded personages we have been granted the power to decide, to choose whether in the process and conduct of our lives we would seek to do good or to do evil. But as the history of mankind (as also that our own lives) had testified against us, we have almost exclusively chosen to do evil whenever we are able to (i.e. have the power to), whenever that seems either the fastest or easiest or the only way to get what we desired, wanted or craved after, as long as we have a slight to even chance of getting away with it without immediate foreseeable adverse consequences to ourselves.

Yes, limited power have been granted to us to use as we see fit (and are able) that our deeds in words and acts might testified against us in the day when GOD brings all into judgment on the day that HE had appointed before the foundation of creation itself. This GOD does as the process through which HE might revealed and fully teach HIS creature personages the lessons of taking to the path of evil so that all who are willing to learn this lesson and truly repent might be granted a forever in the creation as it had been HIS intention from the Beginning. And all those who out of arrogance and a craving for evil, GOD would destroy forever that evil will never again be manifest in HIS creature personages made to be HIS Children.

Some Very Simple Things To Know About The GOD Of The Christian Scripture [svst]

All the so called Abrahamic religions claimed to believe that GOD is omnipotent (all powerful), omniscience (all knowing), omnipresence (all everywhere) and forever unchanging. So they all claimed. But if we were to just very simply examine all their evil doctrines we will see them deliberately and blatantly blaspheming GOD, totally bent on portraying HIM as stupid, practically powerless, clueless, bungling, almost no where and always changing HIS laws, commandments and instructions, and all the things HE instituted and ordained, thereby constantly contradicting HIMSELF.

The CREATOR And The Creation [cnc]

All these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives don't even have a clue about the creation let alone the CREATOR. They think that the creation and the CREATOR is the same thing, that the CREATOR exist within the creation and is a part of it. None of them are even intelligent enough to understand the simplest of things such as what communication is and what languages are for or even what words are for, let alone what the creation is about. Not a single one of them even understand the most basic of communication in concepts, contexts and perspective led alone the more complex nuances of communication. 

Omnipresence Or All Everywhere

Everyone who claims to believe that GOD is omnipresence and then go on to worship or to pray to or to revere a building, or a geographical direction, or a piece of stone or wood or metal or a rock formation, or a stain on a window or surface, or whatever (in whatever shape or form) is being blatantly stupid from lying to themselves so totally when they claimed that their God is omnipresence.

Likewise too anyone who claimed that their God is omnipresence then claimed that this God is a trinity or one or two or three or whatever number. The term GOD is ONE’ is a figure of speech just as the term we are one’ or And who is a rock, except our God? (2 Samuel 22:32)’ or Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh (Genesis 2:24)To not understand this very simple fact just show up (i.e. reveal and expose) how totally stupid such a person is. Figure of speech in all its forms as well as various communication methods such as the symbolism used extensively in the Christian Holy Scriptures are just as important as literal speech as a tool to effectively get the intended message and instruction of the Gospel across to us.

From our perspective (the reality of our existential realm) GOD (i.e. the only Supreme Perpetual Power) is ONE and can only be ONE. But understand this:

GOD does not have HIS 'existence' in the created domain (meaning GOD is not bound by and in, nor dependent on the created realm) even if such a limited concept word as 'existence' can be used to define the unlimited CREATOR other than as some basis for conceptual reference in the created realm. The created domain and all its concepts and definitive laws exist within GOD and are limited by GOD not the other way around. The CREATOR is not limited by the creation. Religious experts and authorities have for millennial put forward the idea that GOD is omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. But these did not for one 'nano instance' understood the concepts in those terms, that these encapsulate the concepts of not having any limits or having no limits or is not definable by the limits of the limited created realm. That means GOD cannot be limited by any thing at all much less by the concepts of our time and space limited domain or the reasoning of severely limited minds.

Please read the posts Why Did GOD Create Satan’ and Idle Minds And Twisted Logics’ in A Christian Pilgrimage’ as well as the chapter ‘GOD IS’ of Bible 101 - The Holy Bible Expounded’ for some the discussion on unlimited all knowing, all powerful, all everywhere CREATOR and SUPREME POWER.
The word one contextually used in the phrase GOD is ONE as a figure of speech carries the conceptual meaning of universalityabsoluteness and of all encompassing to fully emphasize and magnify the meaning of the words omnipotent, omnipresence and omniscience of the ONE SUPREME POWER over all things. For HE is the ONE and ONLY POWER that created (as well as the ONLY POWER capable of creating) all things, bringing all things into existence and holding absolute power over them all such that HE can do just about anything HE wants to them and with them if HE so choose, and there is none who can even hinder much less to thwart HIM. The word one use in that term is not to number GOD as a countable quantity. Anyone doing as such is directly insulting (blaspheming) GOD by limiting the unlimited and un-limit-able GOD to a numerical value which is a mathematical value of the limited created realms. This however does not mean that to think of the SUPREME POWER as a single (as opposed to multiple or numerous) personage (from the context of our existential realm and that of our own individual identity) is blasphemous but that of associating the term ‘GOD is ONE’ to GOD being a numerical number through taking the term literally. And this is exactly what the evil Christmas religion does, equating GOD to being some sort of mutant Trinity to deliberately blaspheme HIM. 

In other context when use with GOD, the word one carries the concept of unity or singleness (all these are also figure of speech).

Some rule-based hair-splitters may at this point ask, ‘what about when it was recorded in John 14:28 when JESUS said that the FATHER is greater than JESUS?’

This we will be discussed in a future post when we discuss John chapter 1 verse 1:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:1

Omniscience Or All Knowing [omni2]

From since the her evil beginnings the Christmas religions have being asserting that the so called ‘fall from grace’ that led to the first family of man, Adam and his wife, to be evicted from the Garden of Eden happened when Satan the Devil in the guise of a serpent, while GOD was not looking, tricked Adam to have sex with his wife,  thus committing the Original Sin that led to every single member of the human race to become automatically literal sinners because all them were conceived through ‘filthy disgusting sinful’ sex. We won't discuss again this extremely evil blasphemous doctrine of the Christmas religion since we have already done so in a previous post ‘The Tree Of Knowledge’.

This same evil religion (both the great Mother harlot and all her Daughter harlots, both ancient and recent) has also been advocating that the Royal Laws and Holy Commandments of GOD ordained at the very beginning of the creation of the family of man have either been partially changed or totally abolished (varying with the numerous versions the Christmas religion that floods the human social order, claiming themselves as Christianity). What all of these evil doctrines or teachings (of sex being the Original Sin or of the Ten Commandments been changed or abolished) do are to say that, either GOD made a terrible mistake of having them (the Royal Laws and Holy Commandments of Love, and creating sex as a tool of human procreation) in the first place or had made some terrible mistakes in them so HE “had to secretly whispered” into ears of HIS so called ‘Pope’, the mega super supreme holier than GOD, Bishop of Rome, or the various masters of the numerous versions of so called Christian denominations to get them to make corrections. Not only that, but according to all of these evil harlots whether the great Mother or rebellious Daughters, when GOD made the Sabbath day on the seventh day of creation by resting HE made a terrible error in counting or whatever. Because implicitly according to all these evil harlots (both mother and most of her daughters), GOD really intended the Sabbath to be made on the first day of the creation week before HE create anything else.

Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered, saying, “Teacher, we want to see a sign from You.”

But He answered and said to them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.
Matthew 12:38 – 40

These same harlots too have been implicitly teaching that GOD (and also JESUS) doesn't even know how to count from one to three when in the Gospel account, it was recorded that JESUS gave as the only sign to the Jews that HE was the MESSIAH. And was that of the Sign of the Prophet Jonah (Matthew 12:38 – 40, 16:4).

Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered, saying, “Teacher, we want to see a sign from You.”
But He answered and said to them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

This they have been doing where they had the whole world of professed “Christianity” celebrating and commemorating “Good Friday” and “Easter Sunday” for centuries. This was deliberately engineered through the Roman Emperor Constantine in the Council of Nicaea. The Council of Nicaea was the vehicle of Satan the Devil to outlaw the original (unaltered) Ten Commandments and the seventh (i.e. Saturday) Sabbath, as well as the very New Covenant made in the BLOOD of the SON of GOD. This evil council of Antichrists was convened in order that the Saints and Elect of GOD will be directly identified by the Christmas religion so they could be hunted down then tortured and murdered. And for more than one thousand two hundred years, not long after this evil Council stamped its evil authority, that was exactly what happened. And if you have the faith to believe the Holy Christian Scriptures, you would know that this will again happen in the not too distant future when the Great Harlot will again gain her political power through her influence over the last resurrection/revival of the unholy Roman Empire.

Anyone familiar with the Great Harlot Church that rules over many of the nations of the world will know that according to her evil doctrine of Original Sin which advanced that Adam and Eve were defiled and ‘fell from grace’ and was evicted from the Garden of Eden because they had (i.e. took part in) the so called defiling perverted sinful disgusting sex as man and wife. We shan't again fully discuss this revoltingly explicit evil doctrine (of the Christmas religion) that blaspheme both GOD ALMIGHTY and the sacred institution of the marriage covenant between a man and woman as we have previously discussed it in the post ‘The Tree Of Knowledge’.

Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me, “Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters, with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”
Revelation 17:1 – 2

Aside from making GOD out to be contradictory and self glory seeking, this evil doctrine if your eyes have not been blinded and your mind made drunk and incoherent, also purposely make the all knowing GOD into either a totally clueless and stupid personage or a very evil one. And if you think that you are a Christian and have never noticed these very obvious evil blasphemies until now told to you to your face, you surely would (i.e. should anyway) realized how totally drunk you had been made by the evil doctrines of the Great Harlot and her thousands of harlot daughters.

If you are familiar with the account of Genesis 1, you would know that it was recorded that:

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”
Genesis 1:27 –2 8

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.
Genesis 2:24 – 25

Here we can see that GOD made man, ‘male and female He created them’. Then HE told them to ‘Be fruitful and multiply’.

From the perverted evil doctrine of the Great Harlot and her Harlot Daughters that sex is the original sin that caused man to ‘fall from grace’ and to be evicted from the Garden of Eden, we can only conclude that they, the Christmas religions, are teaching either one of two things:
1. That GOD totally had no idea what ‘male and female’ means. And HE totally had no idea what the terms ‘Be fruitful and multiply’ means. What was GOD talking about when HE meant ‘male and female’? Did GOD need to go for a biology session? How about ‘Be fruitful and multiply’? Was GOD talking about gardening and mathematics?
2. That GOD intentionally created sex and commanded Adam to have sex with his wife so HE could find an excuse to banish them from the Garden of Eden and to condemn them and all mankind to death. What would that make GOD out as?

One of the primary and most crucial evil doctrine of anti GOD religions especially the Christmas religions in all its numerous forms whether that of the evil great mother harlot or her numerous evil daughter harlots from her harlotry (i.e prostitution or whoring) is that JESUS came to change andor put an end to (i.e. abolish) the Royal Laws and Holy Commandments of Love, as well as everything that GOD commandment during the period of the Old Covenant. And in advancing these evil doctrines they have been blaspheming GOD either making HIM out as explicitly evil or a totally, bungling, clueless know nothing omniscience god.

The only possible reason for an all knowing GOD to be required to change the laws and celebrations HE commanded and instituted for His nations and people by covenant is either that these laws, commandments, statutes, judgments and ordained feasts did not serve any real purpose or are seriously flawed in the first place (with would implied that God is seriously flawed) or that He purposefully (because of an evil agenda) commanded such bad laws, ordinances and statutes, and instituted pointless celebrations. And that is exactly why these evil religions advanced these evil doctrines to implicitly and explicitly have all their followers explicitly ridicule GOD while pretending to hold GOD in super mega reverence shouting all manner of praises to GOD. And all these evil agents and servants of Satan the Devil, through all the evil religions that they have invented and advanced through concocted elaborate lies of super mega reverence, to decorated and magnify these evil doctrines so that they might insult, ridicule and blaspheme GOD to the maximum. May the day of the judgment sees them punished to the maximum for their extremely blasphemous blatant and brazen evils and wickedness.

ALL these are very simple things. Yet for almost two thousand years from since their beginnings in Simon the Sorcerer (Acts 8:9), the masters, leading authorities and disciples of the evil Christmas religions had been deliberately blaspheming GOD through these and numerous other doctrines of theirs. Why deliberate? Because it is so plain and simple, and so very obviously evil that only arrogantly stupid people, the nearly completely insane andor the blatantly evil will willfully refuse to understand it. There are only two things we can rationally conclude about them (these masters, leading authorities and disciples of the Christmas religions), either or both:
1. They are totally stupid andor near totally insane.
2. They are basically and totally evil, pretending all the while that they are so good, just as they had pretended to be so holy and good while they were ordering or were complicit to, the abuse, torture and murder of all those who refused to obey their doctrines during the centuries when they hold political power through their sway over the political and military powers of those times. These evils in all of them will soon again prove itself for the whole creation to witness with the rise of the last revival/resurrection of the fourth world ruling empire of Nebuchadnezzar's dream vision.

The central and main concept in the words of the original text rendered as ‘ALMIGHTY GOD’ in the numerous words recorded to communicate to us about the attributes of the CREATOR of all things in Christian Bible is that of all encompassing limitlessness perpetual power. The concepts of omniscience and omnipresence are encapsulated in the word omnipotent. You cannot be all powerful and not be all knowing, and you cannot be all knowing if you are not completely aware at all times of everything everywhere in the most absolute sense. So we can say that to say that the CREATOR is omnipotent and then also to say that GOD is omniscience and omnipresence is redundant. And yet among all those proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religions particularly those of the so called Abrahamic religions so called, how many even understand this most basic of concept of the word ‘omnipotent’.

In fact we were to examine the doctrines of nearly all the monotheistic religious authorities (i.e. all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives) of the world (yes, these include almost all the Elect of today whether inside or outside of the membership of the one true Church of GOD) that advance the concept of an all powerful creator God, we will find them to be totally clueless andor deliberately stupid as to what is meant by the concept of omnipotent. All of these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, had their gods who supposedly: is all powerful to be near totally all powerless; is all knowing  to be totally clueless and stupid, either inherently or by choice; is all everywhere to be near totally nowhere important where it would have mattered (i.e. make a difference). And all of these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, had been going around for years (from tens to hundreds to thousands each according to lifetime of their professions) claiming that their so called all powerful, all knowing and all everywhere gods had ordained them and those who follow them to exploit, abuse, torture and murder people so that they can control people and get them to obey (i.e. worship) them without question.

They all seem to think (from the insanity that is fueled by their greed and lust for self elevation) that their all powerful, all knowing, all everywhere God is totally unable to get people to totally obey him and to totally do exactly what he want them to do at anytime and all time, that was why he so totally needed them to do it on his behalf.

If we are the meek, careful and sincere students of the Christian Holy Scriptures we will find it recorded that GOD can (and on some occasions did) destroy the evil and wicked totally every single time, but HE had chosen to allow evil. And if we are the meek, careful and sincere students of the Christian Holy Scriptures we will understand why GOD in HIS limitless knowledge and wisdom have allowed evil and wickedness to thrive in the human social order letting it build to whatever extend in each situation and instance until HE moved to thwart or diminish or destroy it. And all these are consistent to HIS purpose for our education as freewill independent minded personage created in HIS image and likeness with the potential to become born fully as HIS SPIRIT (as opposed to flesh or carnal) Children just as JESUS being the FIRST BORN from the dead has been since HIS resurrection nearly two thousand years ago, seated on the right hand of ABSOLUTE POWER.

It will indeed be completely self contradictory of GOD, if HE having created us (as well as the Spiritual personages that were created before the physical domain) as freewill personages empowered to be able to think independently through gaining and retaining knowledge complimented with intelligent rational understanding, to then seek to prevent us from doing so, as all the evil anti GOD religions have been teaching, advocating, practicing and doing (whenever they have been able to do so with some degree of impunity). All these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, explicitly claimed that GOD have given them authority to prevent free will choices and decision making. For this have been exactly all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, have all along been doing, commanding from the very instance they have been able to exercise enough power to do so until this very day, wherever they have been able to establish and carry out their derived power and authority whether over one single person or a whole nation or countless geopolitical areas dispersed throughout this planet. And to hold on to their derived authority and power they have even been telling all those who subscribed to and worship (i.e. obeyed) them as the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, that these followers will be greatly rewarded with everything they lusted after, when they die, after they are dead and then gone to heaven, if they, these equally lust driven followers, will obey (i.e. worship) them to abuse, torture, mutilate and murder any and everyone and also whosoever have been able to exposed their wickedness and opposed their evil doctrines and blasphemous teachings, meaning all who would disagree with them, these evil proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives.

Whereas the record of Christian Holy Scriptures consistently throughout had shown GOD leaving mankind nearly total free rein (subjected to the physical limits of our power as well as the constrains to be able to exercise these limited power within our social norms), to pursue and seek out all that our freewill minds could imagine even when all that our minds imagined were evil and wickedness continually. This is neither because GOD condoned evil nor because HE created evil in the hearts and minds of mankind and the Angels (especially the Arch Angel who had become Satan the Devil) but that HE according to HIS will and purpose created us as intelligent freewill independent minded personages.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

And consistent with HIS love, GOD has continually spoken to us through HIS messengers testifying of our evil ways and our treacheries in breaking our Covenant with HIM. This has been the main component of HIS message ever since. Through this we, if our hearts and minds have not been bent on the supergorging of our egos, would (or should anyway) understand, that the CREATOR GOD who can get us to do exactly what HE wants every single time in every single instance of our thoughts and contemplation, chose not to do so but instead have been telling and urging us to not chose to do evil giving in to lust in the pursuit of our needs and desires. And if our hearts have not been filled to the overflowing with evil and wickedness we would (or should anyway) understand that HE wants us, each one individually and personally to regulate ourselves in all the pursuits of our lives. For this is the only path (i.e. journey or process) to the perfection HE wants for us, not through fear, compulsion, brute force of power or manipulation in threats, brutal tortures and violent sadistic murders.

And consistent with HIS intent that evil might not be allowed to continue its destruction and rampages forever, GOD have also warned all and sundry that there is a time frame that HE had ordained for us to learn the very simple lesson about evil, after which HE will move to completely destroy evil through destroying all those who continued to chose to sow and perpetuated it so that evil as an expression of the process of life and existence should no longer exist or be able to again take root and sprout in the hearts and minds of the creature personages forever.

It should not have to take a mega super genius rocket scientist to understand (not that supremely supreme mega super intelligent genius scientists understand) that if GOD were to prevent us from contemplating and carrying out evil, HE would be preventing us from the exercise of our free will. And that would be totally contradictory to HIS creating us as freewill independent minded creatures.

And it should not take a supremely supreme mega brilliant genius rocket scientist to understand (not that supremely supreme mega brilliant genius rocket scientists understand), that if GOD were to, as continual process, be punishing (whether by severe affliction to deter or make them cease or by destruction and death) those who choose to do evil, HE would forever be needing to do so as long as HIS freewill creature personages continue to exist. Because being created as freewill independent minded personage these creatures (namely mankind and the Angels) will always be able to choose to do evil in the pursuit of their lives unless they themselves on their own cognizant and determination chose not to.

And were it not for the super gorging of their egos, every single intelligent adult human being would (or should anyway) have been able to understand this one very simple truth, and this is that until we, the creature personages, on our own determination and resolve at all times unreservedly choose to never take to the path of evil to get what we need or desire, then and only then, can we stop evil within ourselves. And unless every single creature understand this and resolved to unfailingly do this at all time, there will always be evil in our social order.

It should therefore not be hard to understand that as freewill independent minded personages there will always be some who will refuse to learn this simple lesson of evil and will simply refuse to stop choosing that path in the pursuit of their needs and desires. And it should not be impossible to understand that if ninety-nine percent of all mankind would learn the lesson to never take the path of evil, the one percent that refused will need to be totally destroy to remove them from the social order so that evil may be totally wiped out forever.

And if you have not been made drunk by the doctrines of evil anti GOD religions, or have not chosen to serve your unbridled lusts and greed as many brazenly and blatantly evil leaders of religions, knowledge ‘enlightenment’ and society have, you would (or should anyway) have understood from reading through the Christian Holy Scriptures, starting from the book of Genesis through to the book of Revelation, that this is precisely the message of the Gospel of Kingdom of GOD, fully discussed and being taught in the records of the Scripture of Truth.

Whereas all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives have been bent on exploiting all those that followed after them to get these followers to serve them and do their bidding to the extent of abusing, torturing and murdering others at their commands and dictates. These they do because without these followers and those who conspired together with them, these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives would probably be among the low life of the human social order together with the thieves, crooks, robbers, serial rapists and murderers who prey and parasite off their fellow humankind. But now they sit in majestic places and as predators and parasites, they feed on all those they are able to subjugate.

For GOD So Love The World [GsL]

Does GOD really love us? If we look around at the world around us filled to the brim with deceits, manipulations, dishonesty and malice of all forms leading to all manner of violence atrocities that we do to one another, it shouldn't come as a surprise if people (i.e. those who think they believe in some concepts of a God who is good) wonder whether GOD had abandon mankind?

But the GOD who is embodiment of real effective (as opposed to meaningless declaration of purely emotional sensations thought of as) love, has not abandoned mankind to destroy ourselves in violent and brutal carnage. HE has just mostly left us to our own devices (because that is what we in our lust and arrogance, really wanted), even though GOD still intervenes in our affairs here and there (because HE is the SOVEREIGN GOD ruling over all creation), mostly in little ways and in small isolated situations, but occasionally in significant events that alter the course of human history. GOD who created us in HIS image and likeness did not create us just so that HE can abandon us to consume ourselves in evil and violence, nor did HE create us so that HE can sadistically punish the greater majority of mankind in the unending forever torture of a so called hell andor can vengefully destroy (after a prolong period of brutal sadistic torture) nearly all mankind who have ever lived in some sort hellish torture chambers or a Gehenna Lake of Fire as are the evil (double speak) doctrines of very explicitly (i.e. brazenly and arrogantlyevil anti GOD religions.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved.
In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace which He made to abound toward us in all wisdom and prudence, having made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself, that in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth—in Him
Ephesians 1:3 – 10

If you would believe the Christian Holy Scriptures you would (or should anyway) know that GOD began (from our limited time perspective) working out HIS purpose for mankind many billions of years (i.e. from the time frame of the earth annual rotational cycle around the sun) ago when HE first create the Spirit Angels and the Spiritual Angelic realm. And that purpose is not something hidden under lock and key and under guard by battalions of the mightiest Spirit Angels so no one can have access to it. That purpose had been revealed, plainly recorded some two thousand and more years ago in the Holy Christian Scriptures. GOD purpose for us is not some blundering crisis management to fix things that had gone terribly wrong as the evil doctrines of all the evil anti GOD religions had been implicitly andor explicitly advancing all along.

GOD is Holy and Righteous. One of the reasons GOD has left mankind for the most part to our own devices is because HE cannot ever compromise with evil. If HE ever does, the very moment that HE does, HE would cease to be Holy and Righteous. To compromise with evil is to be complicit with evil. It is a very simple concept, just as evil in the social order of mankind is a very simple concept. All we need to know is the defining context. The fact that GOD temporarily allowed HIS creatures the freedom to choose to do evil does not mean that HE is tolerant and accepting of evil or that HE would ever compromise with evil. This too is a very simple concept which we will discuss in a later post in order that the wicked may have some room (i.e. space and time) to reveal (i.e. to expose) their willful ignorance and blatant stupidity so that they will be convicted of their ego supergorging evils to face and receive the punishment they totally deserved and earned in the day of the Judgment of GOD (Revelation 20:11 – 12).

Please read the discussion of on what reality is and how the brilliant men and women of science and of our social order had never understood the very simple concept of reality in ‘The Concepts Of Reality — Know The Basics’ in the blog ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’.

All these GOD does that HIS purpose for us to learn the horrifying lesson of embracing evil as a recourse to life might be accomplished within the time frame that HE had ordained. This is the process through which GOD is making us perfect (complete without any undesirable and destructive flaws) just as HE is Holy and Perfect, a process which involves our willing self determination if we so choose. For GOD did not create us as freewill personages to then force or to manipulate us to do anything against our free will. And for those who are the students and also all who are the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of all the religions of the world, ‘If you have not become intoxicated having willingly drunk from the evil doctrines of these evil religions then fueled on by your own ego supergorging lust, you would have discerned and understood this simple truth recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures’.

The Love of GOD for us is not a temporary unstable, unreliable love that we see in this world of ours where lovers profess eternal unending love for one another that is more often than not totally an emotional high which in time very commonly turned into apathy, boredom, contempt or disgust for the person we at one time professed to profoundly love forever. The Love of GOD is a consistent love that wants us to be the best that we can be, and wants for us an eternity that is free from the pervasive horror and suffering that our greed and lust driven social order have continually sown. These greed and lust are the sins that transgress the Royal Laws and Holy Commandments of GOD of Love. And these greed and lust are that which harm us, all of us, and will ultimately destroy us, all of us, as freewill personages corrupting our hearts and minds, driving us into the lust seeded psychopathy and insanity that we see so prevalent today in the men and women whose hearts are lifted up in ego supergorging pride (i.e. self image gluttony and lust), and whose daily obsessions (i.e. preoccupation with lusts of all sorts) are for material things make of ‘dust’ that does not last (or in a term borrowed from computer technological terminology — ‘vaporwares’) which only satisfy momentarily.

No one has seen God at any time. If we love one another, God abides in us, and His love has been perfected in us.
1 John 4:12

For a more detailed discussion of the verse 1 John 4:12 please read the post ‘In The Beginning Was The WORD’, where more will be discussed about the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures which the Scriptures had clearly recorded and testified to, but which GOD had kept sealed until (Daniel 12:9 – 10) the Time of the End (i.e. the end of the Age of Man) which is our current contemporary time, a time when the social order of mankind is overflowing with knowledge about almost all aspects of our dominion and existential reality, the physical (as opposed to the Spiritual) reality and universe.

The Love of GOD for us is that we should ultimately learn to love one another with a love that will never be selfish, will never be evil, always wanting the best for one another. This is the exact same manner that GOD love us. This is the basis to GOD's laws, commandments and rule (governing system). Anything that contradicts this can only be evils masquerading as good and as something from GOD. This one simple rule which is the two Great Commandments (Deuteronomy 6:5; Leviticus 19:18; Matthew 22:37 – 39; Luke 10:27; Mark 12:30 – 31) alone exposed all the evil doctrines of the so called Abrahamic religions as not of or from GOD but are the religions invented by Satan the Devil to get all the lust driven ego gorging mankind to blaspheme GOD to the maximum.

To this end GOD had ordained according to HIS love and wisdom, the shortest time process by which mankind created in HIS image and likeness out of the dust of the ground (i.e. temporary physical matter structured as all the rest of life on earth) should learn to never ever take the path of evil in the process of our lives. It is a hard lesson but a very necessary lesson.

The very sad part is that even at the end of this process which GOD had ordained, not everyone is going to be willing to learn it because they will just plainly continued on refusing to, insisting on being fully focused on their lust. This is just as for nearly six thousand years now since GOD created the first man and woman, nearly the entirety of mankind had totally refused to open their eyes to perceive around them the lesson written in tears, blood and carnage of their choosing the path of evil as a recourse of life. And in the same period a full third of the Angelic personages continued on to harbor ill will and hateful bitterness against the very ONE who created them, giving them their lives, existence, freewill consciousness, intelligence, functional power and functioning ability.

How about you? Are you willing to start learning this lesson now and initiate the change in your motivation and attitude to conduct all your endeavors in sincere caring love, or are you still willfully bent on the pursuit of your unbridled lust and greed?

In our current amazing age overflowing with all manner of knowledge and mass usage of instant global communication, nearly all of the highly educated and supposedly enlightened mankind, living in the most progressive societies of this planet, are still arrogantly strutting around refusing to see the horrifying truth of the pervasive endemic evil in the social order of mankind.

Evil in the human social order is really not that hard to comprehend, yet to this day and age of instantaneous global communication and knowledge technology empowerment, all our great and brilliant minds of whatever knowledge enlightenment and disciplines seems muddled as to what evil is, and worse they seem to totally have no idea how to, as well as totally lack the will to, stop the rampages of evils on us and this planet. This is indeed incredulously hard to believe considering how incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable all these great minds of our times are as can be seen from what the human society, as a whole, have been able to accomplish to empower ourselves. It is just not imaginable and totally inconceivable that all these brilliant minds of the sciences and our social order (both individually and collectively) with their supreme intellect, knowledge mastery and intelligence are totally unable to identify the root causes of the pervasive endemic evil that had plagued the human social order from its very beginning. Is it really true that they can't perceive and can't understand what evil actually is as testified to in the Christian Holy Scriptures as sin? It is true that they are really that stupid? Or is it because that their hearts are filled with the same evil that permeates the entirety of the human social order, the same evil of all manner of unbridled greed and lust, and the worst of all that of ego mega supergorging lust?

From as far back as the very beginning of human civilization if you think you can believe the Christian Holy Scriptures, these Scriptures had recorded of mankind starting from their very beginnings, and continued on unabated ever since, choosing to deal deceitfully, with ill intent and even outright blatant malice as their way and choice to live out their short temporary lives, focusing primarily on what they need, desire and crave after, disregarding the destructive painful and harmful consequences that their actions have on others (and even on the themselves in the slightly longer term) who share the same living space. Even if we were to refuse to believe the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures, we cannot in all sincerity and truthfulness deny that from as far back as we have records of human societies even until this very of mega super knowledge “enlightenment” of ingenious science, profoundly insightful philosophy and mega supreme servitude of slaves of god's religions, this has been the way that mankind have predominantly conducted their lives and relationship with others to the varying degrees of what it would take for them to get what they wanted, craved for and lusted after.

Anyone who claimed to believe in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would (or should anyway) know, that GOD is not going to let evil continue its destructive rampages in HIS creation forever. And anyone who claimed to believe in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would (or should anyway) know that GOD both can and will, stop evil at the precisely appointed time, as had been very plainly and clearly recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures. And anyone who claimed to believe in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would (should anyway) know, from what is recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures, that the time is fast approaching upon us when GOD will again stretch out HIS HAND to destroy the wicked and evil on a global scale similar to what HE had done to the Antediluvian Age as also HE did to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, as a Type.

He answered and said to them, “When it is evening you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red’; and in the morning, ‘It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.
Matthew 16:2 – 3

And if you would believe the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures, you would (or should anyway) both know and understand that today we are living in the very last days of the Age of Man where according to HIS great wisdom and purpose, GOD have allowed mankind nearly total freedom to choose the way we want to conduct ourselves through the process of our lives. While today there are few frightening signs that indicate of the terrifying worldwide events that will soon occur, where during the short three and a half years period, ninety percent of the world human population will be wiped out in violent conflicts and wars; calamities, famines, and diseases; there however have been many very prophetic signs as were recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures that clearly tell us we are indeed living in the very last days that lead to the very frightening and horrifying three and a half years that would climax in the Battle of Armageddon.

Next Installment: Part 2: GOD IS

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